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Real Estate Transactions

Selling or buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. 

Advanced Environmental has vast experience in the area of real estate transactions. We understand how stressful it is to buy or sell a home in New York. You must protect your investment with regard to an old oil tank located at a property you are buying or selling and make certain it is inspected and taken care of. 

If you are the buyer, request a removal of an old underground oil tank. You do not want to close on a home and find out later that the oil tank had leaked before you took possession of title!  If this happens, you are responsible for the costs associated with remediation. 

If you are the seller, we advise you to remove your underground tank and put a new tank above ground to make it that much easier to sell YOUR home in a competitive real estate market! 

Today's real estate buyers are not willing to "own someone else's problem". The need to remove and replace your underground tank system is inevitable regardless of whether you decide to sell your property or not. In a time where environmental concerns are at an all-time high, and getting stricter, most lenders, insurance companies, realtors, real estate attorneys, engineers, home inspection experts and tank testers recommend that potentially hazardous oil tanks be removed before the transfer of title. It is widely believed by industry leaders that safe is always better than sorry, and that property owners should seriously consider addressing a possible leakage situation before they are faced with the substantial costs that can come with a leaking tank. Many real estate agents are not even listing a property until their Seller removes their underground oil tank! This is the sign of a knowledgeable agent. A scenario for a seller might be they incur the cost of the removal while their buyer incurs the cost of a new above ground indoor or outdoor installation and they also get to choose where they want it!  This can be negotiated a lot of ways and we can help.

Caveat emptor: Buyers beware… a tank's age is one of the first questions prospective home buyers will ask and one of the first things a home inspector will look for. This is the sign of a knowledgeable home inspector! It is advised that prospective buyers have oil tank systems thoroughly inspected. Homeowner’s insurance companies and mortgage companies are avoiding insuring or lending money for houses with buried oil tanks. It is our strong recommendation to have a seller remove the buried tank prior to closing a real estate transaction.

We have been in this business for over 20 years.  We are family owned and operated, and have an amazing track record when it comes to real estate transactions.  We have relationships with all the municipalities, many real estate agents and attorneys in the area and we know how to get your transaction CLOSED!  At the time of a real estate transaction, having Advanced Environmental on your team will absolutely put your mind at ease!

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